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Do you crave vibrant and flavourful Vietnamese cuisine in Smithfield? Look no further than Song Hy, your destination for authentic Vietnamese foods that satiate your taste buds and leave you wanting for more! At Song Hy, each dish is meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients, ensuring you experience the true essence of Vietnamese food culture right here in Smithfield.

Whether it’s our traditional Pho, vibrant salads, or succulent grilled meats, every culinary offering at our Vietnamese restaurant near Smithfield will transport you straight to the bustling streets of Vietnam.

An Authentic Experience at Our Vietnamese Restaurant Near Smithfield

Song Hy brings to Smithfield the exotic flavours of Vietnamese food, promising patrons a memorable dining experience at our Canley Heights venue. Our selection of dishes caters to both the purists who crave traditional Vietnamese delicacies and the more adventurous food explorers who are eager to sample contemporary twists on classic dishes.

With over 11 years of culinary experience, our expert chefs draw from their vast knowledge of Vietnamese food culture to infuse character and depth into every dish prepared. The authenticity of our food stems from our ardent respect for traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques and our commitment to using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

In addition to individual diners, our Vietnamese restaurant near Smithfield can also cater to larger groups, making it an excellent choice for family gatherings, corporate lunches, and social functions. Our restaurant has wheelchair access and outdoor seating options so that everyone can enjoy our offerings.

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Get a Taste of Vietnam In and Around Our Vietnamese Restaurant Near Smithfield

From the heart of Canley Heights, Song Hy extends its hospitality and exquisite Vietnamese cuisine to food lovers in and around Smithfield, including the neighbouring suburbs of Fairfield and Parramatta. Whether you’re based in Smithfield or coming from nearby areas, we make sure that a visit to Song Hy is worth your while.

For those who prefer to savour our food from the comfort of their home, we’ve got you covered with our swift delivery services. We partner with popular delivery platforms like Uber, Menulog, and Doordash, helping us to bring you our delicious food items wherever you are in Smithfield, Fairfield, or Parramatta.

How to Order from the Best Vietnamese Restaurant Near Smithfield

Getting your Vietnamese food fix from Song Hy is straightforward. You can either dine in our restaurant, pick up your order from our Canley Heights location or have your meal delivered right to your doorstep. All you have to do is browse our menu online, place your order and sit back and relax while we prepare your meal with utmost care.

For those who wish to celebrate special occasions with us, we also take group bookings. Whether it’s a birthday, New Year’s celebration, or a casual get-together with friends, we’re more than ready to serve you at our Vietnamese restaurant near Smithfield.

Ready to embark on a culinary journey to Vietnam? You’ll savour every bite filled with vibrant flavours at Song Hy. For any enquiries, orders or reservations please give us a call at 02 9723 7324.


Why Choose Song Hy as Your Vietnamese Restaurant in Smithfield?

For discerning foodies in Smithfield seeking a uniquely Vietnamese dining experience, Song Hy ticks all the right boxes. Here’s why:

  • Authenticity: Our menu is replete with traditional Vietnamese dishes, prepared with time-tested recipes.
  • Fresh, Local Produce: We pride ourselves on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to ensure your food is healthy and high-quality.
  • Convenient Online Services: Our online ordering service is quick and easy. Plus, we deliver all over Smithfield through Uber, Menulog, and Doordash.
  • Accommodating Dietary Needs: From vegan to gluten-free, we cater to various dietary requirements.
  • Excellent Service: Our team is ready to provide excellent service, whether it’s taking your order, answering questions about the food or ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Visit our Vietnamese restaurant near Smithfield and enjoy a premier dining experience you’ll want to go back for again and again.

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