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Experience the timeless flavours of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, right here in Smithfield! At Song Hy, we present a taste of Vietnam’s unique culinary heritage with every meal we prepare. As the top Vietnamese catering in Smithfield, our catering services ensure the finest Vietnamese dishes are brought right to your doorstep for any event.

Premier Vietnamese Catering in Smithfield

Our clients trust us to create a memorable food experience that is as enjoyable as it is authentic. Specialising in creating exquisite Vietnamese dishes that delight the senses, we are dedicated to making everything perfect no matter if it’s for a personal event or business function. If you need Vietnamese catering in Smithfield, turn to Song Hy!

Song Hy excels in Vietnamese catering for various occasions, be it birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate functions or family gatherings. Our highly experienced catering team is capable of handling events of all sizes, delivering delicious and beautifully presented meals that satisfy and impress your guests. Our catering packages can be tailored to fit any dietary needs, making sure that everyone can join in the feast.


Take Your Events to A New Level with Vietnamese Catering in Smithfield

The success of an event lies greatly in the food served. Song Hy understands this and strives to transform every event into an extraordinary experience through our Vietnamese catering in Smithfield. Our artfully crafted food that appeals to the eyes as much as to the palate is sure to impress your guests.

All of this is complemented by our exceptional service where every detail is meticulously looked after. From the initial planning phase to delivery, our professional team handles everything with the utmost dedication and precision. The result is an unforgettable event enriched by our authentic Vietnamese food.

Make Your Event Stand Out with Vietnamese Catering in Smithfield

Hosting an event can be a challenging task, but with Song Hy’s Vietnamese catering in Smithfield, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Make your next event a delightful, unforgettable experience with Song Hy. Let the colours, fragrances and flavours of Vietnamese cuisine be the highlight of your celebration.

Place your orders online conveniently and let us deliver the finest Vietnamese cuisine to your chosen venue in Smithfield. Bring Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage to your table with Song Hy’s Vietnamese catering services.


Why Choose Song Hy for Vietnamese Catering in Smithfield?

When it comes to Vietnamese catering in Smithfield, you want the best, and Song Hy delivers. Here are some reasons why we are your perfect choice:

  • Authentic Vietnamese cuisine – Our experienced chefs create traditional Vietnamese dishes guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.
  • Freshness and quality – We use only the freshest ingredients sourced locally, offering healthier meal options.
  • Professional service – Our highly skilled staff efficiently handle every aspect of your catering needs.
  • Customisation options – We tailor our services to fit specific event requirements and dietary needs.
  • Convenient online ordering and delivery – You can easily place orders and we ensure the food reaches you on time.


Transform your events with a distinct culinary experience that embodies the essence of Vietnam. Choose Song Hy for your Vietnamese catering needs in Smithfield and Get in touch with us today at 02 9723 7324, or place your food orders directly on our website.

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