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Welcome to Song Hy, the perfect choice for those in search of tantalising and satisfying Vietnamese cuisine near Bankstown. At our restaurant, you can expect to find an array of authentic Vietnamese dishes, gifted with traditional flavours and prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Our restaurant situated in Canley Heights is renowned for combining the authentic charm of Vietnamese culture with innovative cooking methods to ensure all of our customers have a memorable dining experience. Can’t find a good Vietnamese restaurant in Bankstown? Let us transport you to the vibrant streets of Vietnam with our exotic cuisine!

Discover Your Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Bankstown with Song Hy

Our menu is abundant in choice, featuring Vietnam’s favourite dishes like Pho, Bun Bo Hue and Banh Mi. Whether you prefer mouth-watering noodle soups, stir-fried dishes or delectable rice paper rolls, there’s a dish perfect for you. We also take pride in accommodating everyone’s dietary needs. Our menu features an extensive selection of vegan, gluten-free options and a special kids menu making sure everyone at your table is taken care of.

Nestled in Canley Heights, Song Hy not only caters to the local area but also the surrounding neighbourhoods such as Bankstown. We are proud to serve our vibrant and multicultural community while sharing our culture and authentic cuisine. If you need your dose of Vietnamese food, the best Vietnamese restaurant near Bankstown – Song Hy!


Quality, Authenticity and Tradition From Our Vietnamese Restaurant Near Bankstown

For over 11 years, Song Hy has been delivering exceptional Vietnamese cuisine to its customers. Being regarded as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Canley Heights is no small feat! It’s our continuous dedication to quality and authenticity which sets us apart. Our experienced and passionate chefs handpick only the freshest ingredients, and our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation ensuring that the heritage and traditional flavours of Vietnamese cuisine are kept alive.

Song Hy’s welcoming atmosphere extends not only to our local customers but also to those who come from nearby areas such as Bankstown. They all share the love of Vietnamese cuisine and feel at home in our beautifully decorated restaurant. Vietnamese restaurants in Bankstown can’t compare, thanks to the love and care we put into our food at Song Hy!

Enjoy Catering Services From the Best Vietnamese Restaurant Near Bankstown

We offer more than just dine-in services. If you’ve got an event coming up and are looking for Vietnamese restaurants in Bankstown, consider Song Hy’s catering services. By choosing Song Hy catering for your event, you’re picking quality, authentic Vietnamese dishes that will dazzle your guests.

No matter where you are in Sydney, delicious Vietnamese cuisine is only a phone call away! Order from our Canley Heights restaurant and we’ll endeavour to get our food to your address in Bankstown as fast as possible, while also preserving the fresh quality of the dishes.


Why Choose Song Hy for Vietnamese Cuisine in Bankstown?​

Adding more value to your Song Hy experience, here are reasons why we stand above the rest:

  • Authentic Vietnamese cuisine: Our recipes have been passed down from generations ensuring the authenticity of every dish served.
  • Fresh and sustainable ingredients: We are committed to sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and using sustainable seafood whilst maintaining freshness.
  • Experience and reputation: With over a decade of providing exquisite Vietnamese cuisine and having a reputation for superb food and service, you can be confident that you will be served an exceptional meal.
  • Exceptional staff: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to welcome you to our establishment and ensure that your dining experience meets your expectations.


Whether you’re craving Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Banh Mi, or looking for reliable Vietnamese catering services in Bankstown, Song Hy is here to serve you. Experience a dining experience through Vietnamese food culture today and place an order on 02 9723 7324. For the best Vietnamese restaurant near Bankstown, choose Song Hy!

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