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Traditional Vietnamese Dish

In Sydney, there’s a variety of options for Vietnamese cuisine. Every one knows about pho, but at Song Hy , we’re famous for our bun bo hue, a spicy, savoury beef noodle soup packed with flavour and umami.

Aromatic lemongrass, sate chilli paste, and shrimp paste is added to the dish, bringing a whole new palate of flavours that sets it apart from the classic pho.

What are you waiting for? Come experience another flavour of Vietnamese cuisine at Song Hy.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Song Hy is Vietnamese cuisine at its best: fresh, brightly flavored dishes served up at affordable prices!

Established 11 years in Canley Heights, we are one of the areas most popular Vietnamese restaurants. Under new management in 2018, we have recently introduced many new dishes as well as keeping all the favorites including the famous Bun Bo Hue. We provide a large variety of meat and vegetable dishes that will cater to all unique taste buds.

The motto is simple: “The Best Food & The Best Service”.

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